How to Get Started With a Gold Backed IRA

Welcome to We help educate individual investors who are interested in learning how a gold backed IRA (and other precious metals) can help grow and protect their retirement savings for the future.

We cover the basics of investing in a physical gold IRA, as well as the process and current IRS rules of transferring or rolling over your current IRA. We also provide Gold IRA Reviews of the best companies that offer full precious metal IRA services, allowing you to make an educated decision on which company you choose to handle the setup process for you.

Gold and Silver Coins

Gold is a real tangible commodity with real-world applications. It is valued world wide, and has been an international standard of wealth and security for THOUSANDS of years.

Transferring or rolling over your traditional IRA or 401K into precious metals provides a solid hedge against a volatile stock market and the weakness of “fiat” paper currencies.

Savvy investors, corporations and governments are buying gold assets at unbelievable rates. Concerns of hyperinflation along with irresponsible government printing of paper currencies drives smart investors to protect their wealth with gold.

If you’re considering investing in a gold backed IRA or other physical precious metals for your retirement portfolio, you should first read through our Gold IRA Investing page. It will answer some of the most common questions investors ask about opening a gold backed IRA.

For further reading, we also cover the Gold IRA Rollover process and the Gold IRA Rules set by the I.R.S.

Why Billionaires are Investing in Gold

Top investors understand that gold has a solid history of dependability and long-term security. Many currencies throughout history have completely failed – resulting in nothing but worthless paper, destroying many lives financially. Be sure to read our page on Gold vs Stocks.

A Gold Backed IRA can provide appreciation, diversification and security of your retirement savings for both you and your beneficiaries.

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The quotes above from some of the world’s best investors should shed some light on why every investor should consider opening a Gold IRA for their future.

Worldwide Consumer Demand for Physical Gold

Countries around the world are investing in gold on a normal basis. Countries such as China and India are buying up gold at increasing rates and reflects both the supply and demand economics of available gold on the market today.

Take a look at the chart we provide below to help illustrate the demand:

gold backed ira investing

The world supply of available gold is limited and the demand is always increasing. Following the basic rule of supply and demand from an economic perspective shows that investing in a gold backed IRA can help secure long-term appreciation and security in retirement.

The International Monetary Fund itself holds a large investment of physical gold as part of it’s asset strategy for both financial soundness and unforeseen circumstances.

Opening Your Own Gold Backed IRA

In order to open a Gold backed IRA, you need to work with a third-party company who will facilitate the process for you from start to finish. There are specific legal requirements you need to be aware of when opening or rolling over your current retirement account into physical precious metals.

Most Gold IRA specialists will provide the following services:

  • Answer any specific questions you may have about the transfer or rollover process.
  • Provide you with the necessary paperwork as well as handle the processing.
  • Help you select your precious metals assets (i.e. coins and bullion options) for your portfolio.
  • Facilitate the storage of your physical gold or other precious metal assets.

NOTE: The I.R.S. requires that all precious metals held in a retirement account be handled and stored by a qualified trustee or custodian. You cannot physically store your assets at home.

Choosing a Gold IRA Company to Help You

The next step is to choose which Gold IRA Company you would like to handle your portfolio. We recommend you visit our Gold IRA company reviews section on our website to help you decide which company to work with to either open a new gold backed IRA or transfer/rollover your current IRA or 401k.